Wisdom Teeth Christchurch

Location: (104 Colombo Street Beckenham Christchurch 8023)

Your Wisdom Teeth Christchurch erupt only in later life and tend to be exposed to a range of dental problems. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth. Due to their late eruption and space related issues in your mouth, these wisdom teeth can grow in an abnormal position. For instance, they can grow part out of the gum or grow into a neighbouring tooth. A tooth that grows in this way is also known as an impacted tooth. An impacted tooth results in various dental problems such as pain, infection, cysts or crowding of your teeth.

During one of your regular visits, our dentists will check and tell you if you have a wisdom tooth erupting and the condition of such a tooth. Once your condition has been carefully assessed, your dentist will advise if you need to have your wisdom tooth extracted.

Veneers Christchurch are thin laminates that are semi-translucent tooth-coloured shells. They are shaped in such a way that they bond to the front of your teeth perfectly. If your teeth are strong and healthy, veneers can be used instead of a dental crown. Dental veneers greatly improve your smile and are the best aesthetic solution if you want to avoid other complex dental procedures.

Veneers can be used to address spaces between your teeth. They are also used if you have broken or chipped teeth and permanently stained teeth. Porcelain veneers involve removal of a small amount of tooth surface whereas direct laminate veneers are directly applied to your tooth and then polished to get the desired look. Your dentist will examine you and advise the best aesthetic solution for you. When proper oral hygiene is followed, veneers last for many years.

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