Surron Light Bee S Youth Bike Blue for sale online

Location: (Daly City, California(CA))

The Surron power department is committed to the research and development, as well as manufacturing of the core technologies of electric motorcycle power systems. The endeavour to provide technology services for power systems and solutions to the integrated motorcycle power systems, whose products include motors, reducers, and motor controllers and so on.

The company mainly focuses on the development and manufacturing of medium and large power Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) systems. Based on large-power density permanent magnet synchronous motors, the company adopts advanced vector control technology, with an integration of the driving logic and control algorithms from driving experience of professional drivers and ultimately develops a power system with excellent driving experience, with core technologies and intellectual property. This power system include two configurations: rated 60V low-voltage with 8kW air-cooling system or with a 10kW water-cooling system. The peak output power can reach maximum 18kW, peak torque can reach 66 N.m. The system include a Permanent Magnet synchronous Motor (PMSM) motor (SMP180-08 series), a gearbox(optional) and a controller (SD08 series). By matching with high-speed motor with gearbox, this power system can achieved both high power density and high torque output, the mechanical characteristic curve of the power system is further optimized. The system shows high torque at low speed and full power at high speed. With CAN communication function, the vehicle can be fully intelligent.

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