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SRS Colour Roofings, is the leading commercial, industrial and residential roofing contractor that’s been serving customers for over 10+years in this roofing market. SRS Colour Roofings is passionate about handling all kinds of household roofings and related with quality materials, safety and great service. Our roofing services are Clay Tile Roofing, Shingles roofing, ceramic roofing tile, concrete tile roofing, profile sheet roofing, Kerala model roofing, roof cladding, terrace roofing, colour coated roofing and more. We’ll help you choose the right one. We work with the best materials and have the experience to take on a roofing job on any type of home, regardless of the complexity of the architecture. Make a call with us : +91-9788888096, +91-9788880984. 

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