Project management

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Project management is defined as the process of organizing and managing the available resources (human and financial), making optimal use of them, and harnessing them to accomplish a project with high quality and efficiency. Where project management consists of a set of elements, including: time, cost, resources and tasks (activities) to be achieved.

It is the responsibility of the project manager to manage, plan, organize, follow up and supervise the project implementation processes, and ensure that it is implemented in accordance with standards, plans and official documents. In addition to managing all available resources and employing them to serve the project, distributing tasks to the work team and defining responsibilities, duties and powers. In addition to regulating relations, conducting periodic contacts, and following up the course of the project with the official authorities and stakeholders. To ensure the highest quality, efficiency and real-time decision-making.
The importance of project management skills
Regardless of the nature of your work or position, having the necessary skills to manage projects is one of the most important skills that you must possess, especially since it is not limited to a specific field or specialization without another. It is a methodology that can be followed to perform any activity, task or work. Especially since all business and activities, whatever their nature, in order to be successfully and effectively accomplished, must be successfully managed.

‍By following these steps, you can benefit from developing your leadership skills.

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