Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable - Falcon Tech

Location: (St. Louis, Missouri)

Falcon Tech specializes in providing a large portfolio of leading brands for IT, voice, video, data network cables, pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies, pre terminated outdoor fiber optic cable, pre terminated multimode fiber, pre terminated fiber optic cable, armored fiber optic cable, pre-terminated fiber and connectivity products. It combines low voltage electrical and communication products so that we may service the Electrical / Communication Industry. Falcon Technologies is the chosen supplier for network and IT infrastructure cable assemblies used by professional installers and consumers alike. Backed by a highly knowledgeable support staff of industry experts, the company offers its full inventory of in-stock products while also providing best-in-class customer and technical support. Our fiber optic cables are made by FOA (Fiber Optic Association) Certified technicians in the USA by Falcon Technologies Inc. using the latest epoxy injection and polishing systems for the highest quality and performance. The end faces of the Corning glass within our assemblies are machine polished, resulting in a much lower light loss than can be achieved by hand polishing. All pre-terminated fiber & products are guaranteed and 100% tested. Each assembly is individually scoped and tested for light loss to exceed minimum requirements for TIA test standards. Loss results are included with each assembly.

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