Oil Change Service

Location: (WH#1 Buil#6 Zedklym - opposite Dubai Refreshment)

10,000 Km Oil Change Service Starting from AED 150. Computer checkup 20 points checkup Vacuum

A regular Oil change service is necessary to keep the car in excellent condition. Good quality oil will help keep your vehicle's moving parts cool and well-lubricated. over time, dirty and polluted oil can build up, leading to corrosion and reducing engine life. At HPG Auto Repair, we can help you to choose the perfect oil, check your oil level, replace engine oil filters and flush your engine to retain everything running comfortably.

HPG Auto Repair has experienced auto mechanics who are competent enough to do any car engine-related work and can recommend the right engine oil for your car. You can bring to us your Exotic Car, Japanese Car or Korean Car, American or European Car, or, any other car for car engine Oil Service 5000km Oil Change Service, 10000km Oil Change Service, 15000km Oil Change Service, etc.

Do not hesitate to call HPG Auto Repair at +971 52 977 3887, to go back to the home page click here to know more about our services.


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