Martech Interview with Brian Mullin on Customer Data

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Martech Interview with Brian Mullin on Customer Data

Founder and CEO of Karlsgate, Brian Mullin sheds light on the importance of customer data shaping business in Martech Interview on Customer Data. He focuses on personalization, targeted campaigns being utilized in the past. Evolving privacy regulations, shifts in the technology landscape, and heightened awareness over consumer privacy rights are all driving change within the digital marketing space.

Customer Data Occurring Across The Web - Improved clarity on restrictions and enforcement norms will aid advertising and marketing activities. This starts with prioritizing the protection of first party customer data with the help of customer data platforms.

The current state of customer-oriented data on the web is tracked through cookies. These cookies represent a small packet of data left behind by a previous visit to a website. By recovering these packets on each subsequent visit, consumers can be recognized, and their browsing patterns tracked.

About Brian Mullin - Brian Mullin is a technologist with experience in building scalable and reliable systems that can change an industry. He is a lifelong leader who understands the power of an engaged and inspired team.

About Karlsgate - Karlsgate enables secure data sharing in a privacy-by-design platform.

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