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Best Singapore Maid Agency. Looking for maid agency in Singapore? Contact us to hire professional transfer maids, Indian maids, Tamil maids, Myanmar & Filipino maids etc... Through our list of best maid agencies.

Housemaid agencies are those agencies which provide you with the details of a prospective maid. In general the housemaid agency acts as middle-men between the employer and the employee. Though the maid agencies do charge nominal fees for their works, they do a wonderful job of easing you out of your hectic household chores. Maid agencies have a well organised data base of genuine maids whose authenticity have been cross checked and verified, assuring the employer of getting a fitting maid for his household. 

The maid agency are evaluated based on the three major criteria which are denoted as follows:

The Retention Rate that is better known as the total percentage of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) placed by the agency that stay with the same employer for at least one year. The transfer Rate i.e. the percentage of FDWs who have transferred to three or more employers within one year and thirdly, the placement volume namely, the number of FDW work passes applied for by an agency. Wherein, a considerably higher number indicates that an agency is professional and is consistent in providing genuine and quality maids to the employers. All though maid agencies claim to be the number one services and providing genuine maid one should consider certain parameters like the ones mentioned above to avert any chance of unpleasant instances.


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