Indian Documents Attestation in UAE


This made the Indians prominent business and employment opportunities around the globe. . So in order to get the document attested with requisite validity we prefer  ASTUTE ATTESTATION for the reputed Indian document attestation agency in UAE. .  The procedure involved in the Indian Document Attestation in UAE for the attested document are:-

1. The ex-pat must submit the specified documents for attestation. The certificate for attestation must be original. The attestation by the authorities in India and UAE is done on the reverse side of the certificate.
2. The attestation begins at the issuing authority in the home country. Alternatively, notarization by the approved public notary would confirm the authenticity of the document. Subsequent to the initial attestation, the certificate has to be submitted to the responsible ministry.
3. Once the authorized ministry scrutinizes the certificate or document in its original and attests it, the same has to be forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India, for attestation. MEA is the certifying ministry for anything that has to be submitted to a foreign authority.
4. Post attestation by the MEA, the document will have to be forwarded to the Embassy or Consulate of the UAE in India. The embassy/ consulate will examine the seals and signatures on the original document and attest to it. This is the final authority in the country of origin, India, for submitting the document for attestation in UAE.
5. After attestation by the authorities in India and the consulate/ embassy of UAE, the MOFA in UAE will attest the document.
6. In addition, we offer exclusive packages including different documents and certificates. The charges for the same would depend on the type of documents.

These procedures and documentation are required for the legalization that needs to be monitored for the attestation process and the different measures for it.

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