Floating ball valve supplier in UAE

Location: (UAE)

Middleeast valve is famous for Floating ball valve supplier in UAE. We supply to cities like Kuwait, Najaf, Karaj, and Gaza.

A floating ball valve consists of a hollow sphere (the ball) positioned within a pipeline. This ball, often made of materials like stainless steel or brass, is buoyant, allowing it to float within the valve housing. The valve is equipped with seats that provide sealing when the ball is in the closed position, preventing the flow of fluids. When the valve is open, the ball rotates to allow unobstructed passage.

Suppliers of Floating Ball Valve in the UAE are favored across a range of applications for their straightforwardness, dependability, and success in managing fluid flow.


Body Material: Stainless steel, brass, or other metals, Cast Steel (WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9), Cast Iron, SS316, SS304, Forged Steel (F22, F51, LF2, F304, F304L, F316, F316L)

Size:1/4’’ to 48’’

Class: 150-2500

Ends: Buttweld, Flanged, Socket weld, Threaded

Operation: Gear operated, Electric actuated, Lever-operated, Pneumatic actuated.
Visit Us:- https://www.middleeastvalve.com/product-category/floating-ball-valve/

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