Cleanroom Door

Location: (Singapore)

With swing & slide options, our hermetic doors combine the advantages of an automatic door with the airtight sealed entrance for cleanroom environments such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals & laboratory facilities, etc...Hermetically sealing cleanroom doors minimize any air leakage so the pressurisation system operates more efficiently. Medical Sector (Hospital)     Operating Theatre     Isolation Room     Isolation Ward     A & E department     Clinics     X Ray Theatre     ICU     CT Scan Cleanroom / Semi-Conductor Sector     Cleanroom     Production Area     Changing Area Pharmaceutical Sector     Cleanroom     Production Area     Changing Area Laboratory Sector     Biosafety Laboratories     Research


Address : No. 7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark, Singapore 416185.

Mobile : +65 6746 6194

General Enquiries :  [email protected]

Website :

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