Chloropropiophenone factory price from China whatsapp:+8619930501652

Chloropropiophenone factory price from China whatsapp:+8619930501652


[email protected]




It’s really a good chance for us to meet each other to talk about 4-Chloropropiophenone powder cas 6285-05-8.


Follow me to know 4-Chloropropiophenone powder cas 6285-05-8 and our company.

Part One:

Let me introduce the professional supplier “Guanlang Group” of cas 6285-05-8 4’-Chloropropiophenone to you.


Guanlang Group supply cas 6285-05-8 4’-Chloropropiophenone.


Does China's electricity and production restrictions affect your company's supply? doesn’t affect our company.Because of that our company supply 4’-Chloropropiophenonein bulk stocks.Pls do not worry.

Part Two

Guanlang Group has the 4’-Chloropropiophenonein stocks. Guanlang Group has strong technical strength, advanced equipment, strict quality management system and high-quality after-sales service to insure the 4’-Chloropropiophenonequality. adhers to the "customer first and forge ahead" business philosophy and insists on integrity as the company's survival. All for the customers' satisfaction, all for the long-term healthy development of the enterprise.



Don’t know the details information of cas 6285-05-8 4’-Chloropropiophenone?

4'-Chloropropiophenone Basic information


Product Name: 4'-Chloropropiophenone

Synonyms: Chloropropiophenone,Chloropropiophenone factory,Chloropropiophenone supplier,4'-Chloropropiophenone factory,4'-Chloropropiophenone supplier,4′-Chloropropiophenone

4′-Chloropropiophenone Buyer

4′-Chloropropiophenone Price,4-Chloropropiophenone

CAS: 6285-05-8


MW: 168.62

EINECS: 228-511-6






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