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Either tea or kadha, we people always love to add tulsi leaves- "The Healthy Elixir of Life" in our day-to-day beverages, to add more immune power to it. It is an ancient belief that tulsi is a blessing magical herb from our mother earth a...

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Kashmiri Saffron Tea (Kehwa) (kuala lumpur)

Kashmiri Saffron Tea (Kehwa)Kehwais regarded as a delightful refreshing brew. All you have to do is, boil some water and add a few filaments of pure saffron along with some Kashmiri tea till half the water evaporates and the tea draws ...


Natural Carb Blocker-Creamy Rich Hot CocoaHealthy Never Tasted So Good -Natural Carb Blocker-Creamy Rich Hot CocoaIf I told you that there was aHealthySlim RoastHot Cocoathat not only tastes great AND it helps ...