Buy New Maruti Suzuki Celerio from Indus Motors

Location: (Kochi, Kerala)

The All-New Maruti Suzuki Celerio features a 3D Organic Sculpted Design that is refreshing to the senses. Be it the Radiant Front Grille with Sharp Chrome Accents, Droplet-Styled Taillamps or the 15-inch Black Alloy Wheels, the Celerio seems renewed from every angle. The Energetic and Spacious Cabin with a Contemporary Dashboard design livens up the drives. 12+ safety features in the All-New Celerio ensure that nothing comes in the way of your safety or your style. The Heartect platform adds to the safety of the Celerio by providing a smooth structure for the effective absorption and dispersion of impact force. Indus Motors has an excellent collection of the latest model Maruti Celerio. We are the top Maruti car dealers in Kerala, winning awards for maximum sales consecutively. The number one and most preferred Maruti car dealer, we maintain a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Striving to extend the best service, you will find the best deal at Indus showrooms around Kerala.

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