BMW Based MLM Platform  | Board Multi-Level Marketing WooCommerce

Location: (Aligarh, India)

BMW MLM WooCommerce for WordPress Plugin, Board Multi-Level Marketing [MLM] Plan eCommerce & Network Marketing Software, Repurchase Plan: Board MLM Software is a software application based on Board MLM plan that empowers growing MLM companies to generate more leads, manages their customer and distributor base and expands their MLM business into new areas.

A board plan is known as a revolving matrix or matrix cycle plan. This Plan allows you to benefit from the effort of all the other board members because a specific member is entitled to a bonus or commission every time the Board/Matrix Cycle entry is finalized.

Features of Board Plan WooCommerce
Admin Features
Level Management
My Downliners Page
Genealogy Page
My Downliners Page
Payout Details Page
Personal Information Page
Bank Details Page
Withdrawal Amount Page
Registration Page
Intelligent Promotional Tools
Auto Promotion to Higher Level
Error-free Compensation Calculations
Recycling Entry System into the Board

Frontend Features
It works Based on Board Rules i.e 1Xinfinite etc.
There are four types of commission
Join Commission
Referral or Affiliate Commission
Board Completion Commission
Matching Commission

If you want to know more information and have any queries regarding the Board plan, you can contact our experts through
Skype: jks0586,
Mail: [email protected],
Call/WhatsApp/WeChat: +91-9717478599.

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