Binary eCommerce Plan PHP Script MLM Software Multi Language & Currency

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Binary Multi-level marketing Plan software eCommerce & Direct Selling, Pyramid, ROI Repurchase plan for Affiliate Marketing Software, Return on Investment mlm plan Calculator : Binary Multi-Level Marketing plan Software is a web application that helps to manage binary MLM networks such as to keep track on down-line’s incomes , uplines and expenditure.

Binary MLM Plan includes a two legged structure where in a parent Node has two sub nodes where each new distributor or members is placed in either left or right sub-tree. One sub-tree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg while the second sub-tree is a Profit Leg or a weak leg.. It  is one of the basic Binary MLM plan which is required by all the MLM organizations be it small or large. The binary MLM plan helps admin managing users or sub nodes in a binary network to keep record of their income, expenses etc.

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