Bank Instrument Offer loan

I work with a reputable lender in London, United Kingdom, who provides financial instrument leasing and sale at a fair price with a manageable process and conditions. Our bank instrument lender provides both newly cut and seasoned bank instruments, including BG, SBLC, MTN, and Confirmable Bank Drafts (CBD), that can be used for PPP Trading, Outright Discounting, and signatory projects like those in the aviation, agricultural, petroleum, telecommunication, dam, bridge, and real estate industries, among others. 



You can open a line of credit with your bank or obtain a loan for your projects using our bank instrument as collateral, which your bank will accept in order to finance your project. 



As stated in the contract, we provide deliveries on schedule and precisely. Our terms & Conditions are reasonable. The procedure for BG/SBLC and MTN lease is below; the procedure for other bank instruments will be provided upon request. 




1. Instrument: BG/SBLC (Bank Guarantee). 

2. The total face value ranges from EUR 10M to EUR 10B. 

3. Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank Plc and Barclays Bank Plc {London, U.K} 

4. Age: One Year and One Month 

5. Lease Cost: 6% + 2% = 8% 

Delivery: "Bank-To-Bank Swift" (MT-760) 

7. Compensation: MT103/23 

8. Hard copy: "within three banking days" Bonded Courier Service 



Marty Jeffrey

Email: [email protected]

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