About B[email protected] S0ccer Academy $pain

Location: (Spain)

Call us on 0034 639 521 335

To know more about Boarding Soccer Academy Spain in detail, please contact https://wospacstages.com/ WOSPAC Stages is the most innovative soccer academy in Barcelona, as through a highly qualified technical staff, first class facilities and a working method global reference, we have developed a revolutionary program of sports-educational learning exclusive and designed for boys from around the world (10 to 24 years old).


s/n, Carrer de la Verge de Montserrat, 08940 Cornell de Llobregat

Barcelona ,Spain

Phone: 0034 639 521 335

E-mail: [email protected]

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About Soccer Academy Barcelona (Spain)

Call us on 0034 639 521 335The youngsters will be masterminded that Soccer Academy Barcelona is a gathering movement which joins improvement and space, and not just kicking the ball around. The colleagues put to the side effort to show ...

Wospac Stages is the platform where you can check for Barcelona Residential Soccer (Spain)

Call us on 0034 639 521 335Forward and mindful soccer players wear shin pads to guard their shins and lower legs from bangs, wounds and even breaks. Goalkeepers wear five-star target keeping gloves to shield their hands and fingers from...

About Barcelo0na [email protected] Soccer Academy (Spain)

Call us on 0034 639 521 335Get a barrel or a basically not well characterized thing and stay on it. For the most part, ricochet from the barrel, land with the two feet on the ground in a hunching position, and stand-up straight as quick...

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